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In the midst of a life changing event in the mid-1990’s Sue discovered yoga and was immediately encouraged by the possibility of finding a natural, therapeutic way to manage the stress of this difficult time.

 After experiencing the benefits of Yoga first hand she undertook a 1000-hour Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching from which she graduated in 2006.

Sue decided to train as a yoga teacher for two reasons: to deepen her own knowledge of yoga and to share the remarkable benefits of yoga through teaching.

After graduation, Sue launched her own yoga studio, taking regular evening classes in a small rural town in North East Victoria.

She has continued along the path of study and has recently graduated as a yoga therapist from the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy.

Sue's passion for yoga has been tested over 20 years. During unsettling and contented times yoga has always been there to call on and Sue believes that yoga is the helping hand to health and well-being.

Mind-Body-Yoga offers one-on-one Yoga classes and Yoga Therapy packages in Geelong, Victoria. 

Mind-Body-Yoga teaches traditional Hatha Yoga, incorporating the Eight Limbs of Yoga in each session.  Each Yoga One on One class or Yoga Therapy package will be tailored to suit your capabilities and needs.

While your teacher will work with you to assess your needs and program accordingly, there will be a combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and meditation in each class. 

"It is my passionate belief that anyone, of any age, can "do yoga" and experience its benefits first hand" - Sue swingler, founder 

Susan swingler
Owner & Teacher/Yoga Therapist

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